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June 01, 2016


Parents, we are very thankful for all the support you and your children have provided in the numerous and valuable events we’ve held over the years.

It seems the words of our incredible efforts have reached Facebook, and the Asian Express too! And new parents-alike have been inquisitive about the fabulous events we’ve held, so here are some of the details on previous and current events taking place, and how you can take part.

What kind of events do we hold?

At Raising Explorers we’re very fortunate to be working alongside the country’s leading charities, and community support groups. And parents, and kids simply love it!

Who doesn’t fancy a giant bake-off, or running up a mountain for raising money for charity?

Which charities have we helped?

In the past, our teachers, pupils, and their parents have actively helped raise funds for Charity Right, and Intouch Foundation. Both of these charities work with us every year.

Who are Charity Right, and how do we help?

Charity Right are an international charity providing regular school meals to some of the poorest school children living in Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. By providing school meals, Charity Right helps to ensure that children are nourished and healthy enough to attend school to complete their education. Alhamdullilah, in the past Raising Explorers has contributed to Charity Right’s efforts in providing over 4 million meals to the most vulnerable children living in refugee camps, orphanages, desolate villages and slums. The charity has now taken on 23 schools in Sudan and 6 new schools in Cox Bazaar (Bangladesh) accommodating Rohingya Refugees. The immediate effects of improved living for those Charity Right supports; means Raising Explorers; teachers, parents and children – will continue to support the fantastic efforts of this charity in the years to come. This year, children at Raising Explorers will be partaking in another exciting project with Charity Right. All children will have by now, brought home a special fundraising pot (which they can colour in and get creative). Children and their families can help fill the pot in support of vulnerable children with regular meals insha’Allah, and get prizes for doing so.

Who are Intouch Foundation, and do we help?

InTouch Foundation are another charity very dear to Raising Explorers. This incredible charity helps to raise funds for those living in poverty, and helps to do its best to improve survival rates in the poorer regions of the world. In the past, Raising Explorers has helped raise £2,750 for Intouch Foundation, in partnership with Hikmah Project (Keighley). Again, the children were at the heart of the exciting event, and were instrumental in the fundraiser. Children enjoyed a full-days entertainment at the Bazaar (where it took place), and enjoyed amenities such as face painting classes, to jumping on bouncy castles – and munching cakes – can’t forget the cakes! This year, Raising Explorers; parents, children and teachers are helping to raise funds (£15,000 total) for supporting ‘Kitchen in Calais’ this Ramadan. The wonderful idea behind this is to help feed brothers and sisters residing in Jungles this Ramadan. £15,000 will help to obtain 30,000 packs of dates, 30,000 water bottles and 30,000 food containers – and be given all throughout this coming Ramadan, insha’Allah.

When are upcoming events happening?

We’re so glad you’ve asked.

To get on-board, and help make our upcoming events lots more fruitful Insha’Allah, please visit the events section here on this new site.

Or, if you’re on social media – click here and like our page on Facebook now, and get the latest details on all the events that are upcoming… and of course, happening right now!

In the meantime…

Children are encouraged to bring home a special fundraising pot as part of a joint partnership between the centre and Charity Right.

If you’ve noticed this, we would greatly appreciate your support in encouraging your little one to fill their pot with donations from family and friends. As mentioned, combined fund-raising efforts are in support of Charity Right’s work to support orphans in Sudan.

If your child is currently not a pupil at the centre, and you’d like to support the cause, please feel free to call our team on 01274 493034, to learn how you could help in other ways.


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