Uncollected Children Policy

  • Raising Explorers has the highest regard for the safety of the children in our care—from the moment they arrive to the moment that they leave.

    At the end of every session, Raising Explorers will ensure that all children have been collected by a parent, carer or designated adult, in accordance with the Arrivals and Departures policy. If for some reason a child is not collected at the end of a session, the following procedures will be activated.

    • If a parent, carer or designated adult is more than 15 minutes late in collecting their child, the centre manager will be informed.
    • The centre will attempt to contact the parent, carer or designated adult, and use any other emergency contact details available in order to try to ascertain the cause for the delay, and how long it is likely to last. Messages will always be left on any answer phone requesting a prompt reply.
    • While waiting to be collected, the child will be supervised by staff members who will offer them activities and as much support and reassurance as is necessary.
    • If, after repeated attempts, no contact has been made with the parent, carer or designated adult, the centre will call the local Social Care team for advice, after 30 minutes of Raising Explorers closing.
    • Raising Explorers will act on the advice of Social Care Department.
    • Unless absolutely necessary the child will not be taken to the home of a staff member, or away from the Raising Explorers’ premises, in the course of waiting for them to be collected at the end of a session.
    • The child will remain in the care of Raising Explorers staff until they are collected by the parent, carer or designated adult, or alternatively placed in the care of Social Care Department.
    • In the event of Social Care being called and responsibility for the child being passed to a safeguarding agency, the centre will attempt to leave a further telephone message with the parent or designated adults and will do everything in its power to communicate the situation to the parent or designated adult, reassuring them of their child’s safety and instruct them to contact the local Social Care Department.
    • Incidents of late collection will be recorded by the centre manager and discussed with parents at the earliest opportunity. Parent will be informed that late collection fees apply at raising Explorers at the rate of fifty pence (50p) per child per minute, plus any additional costs incurred from the venue.

    This policy was adopted by Raising Explorers on 1st April 2015.

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