• How do I apply for a place for my child?

    In order to enrol your child at Raising Explorers a simple straight forward registration form needs to be completed. Upon completion of the application form your child will be given a place depending on numbers of children already registered. If the maximum capacity has been reached for the centre then your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list with an expected enrolment date given.

    We encourage parents to come with their children and visit our centre in order to fully appreciate our friendly, safe and nurturing environment. It is highly recommended that you call the centre first, since we are a busy centre and making an appointment will prevent long waiting times. A visit to the centre can help alleviate any worries or concerns that you may have and give you an opportunity to ask questions. If you wish to see the Project Manager of the centre to discuss any matter relating to the centre then once again it is highly recommended you first make an appointment.

    What services do you offer?

    1) 7 days a week childcare drop in service whereby parents can throughout the weekday or weekend should they have that need, just turn up to access the fun childcare service for their child.

    2) Academic Tuition on Saturdays for key stages 1,2,3 and 4 in Maths, English and Science, taught by dedicated and experienced qualified school teachers.

    3) Homework support room service 7 days a week with a qualified teacher if and when a child needs any help or support in a dedicated quite room to complete it.

    4) Religion Education – For those parents needing Islamic and Arabic Madrassah for their child, then we offer Islamically and academically qualified staff who teach class room format learning for your child just as they would be taught at school through the week. We also offer a alternative Sunday Arabic School for those who do not wish to send their child during the school week.

    5) Holiday Play Scheme – Every school holiday we extend our opening hours for our parents to early mornings 8.30am and have fun childcare, trips and activities planned throughout the week all day until 7pm.

    What age groups do you cater for?

    We provide our services for children and young people between the ages of 5 – 15.

    Do you open in the school holidays?

    Raising Explorers is open during school holidays and we follow the holiday dates listed by Bradford Education. We are open for extended hours during the holiday periods. The centre opens from 8:30am – 7:00pm (Monday to Friday) and weekend timings remain unchanged. We will be closed on days that are marked red on most calendars- Christmas day, Easter weekend, Bank holidays and Eid days. We remain open throughout the school summer break.

    We run special holiday clubs and a summer school time table, that differ to our usual term time table. This is tailored and planned for a long day of fun activities and trips along with our usual activities still included. Educational and fun trips are planned for these periods, once finalised parents are notified of the details via a letter and holiday timetable which is sent home with their child.

    How is the progress of students learning assessed?

    All learners undertake a comprehensive initial assessment where we assess their current strengths and weaknesses. Subsequently an individual learning plan is compiled by the subject teacher detailing both short and long term targets and an appropriate timescale to achieve them.

    Do you have parent’s evenings to discuss student’s progress?

    At Raising Explorers we make sure that your child receives very focused and levelled reports.
    Parental involvement is encouraged; Parent’s evenings are held every quarter where we offer parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress and go through any concerns that they may have.

    Is there any financial support available?

    You may qualify for extra support through tax credits to help with childcare costs. The amount of help available to you is dependent on your personal circumstances, which includes your household income and your childcare costs; you could get up to 70% of childcare costs you are claiming for.

    Working tax credits
    The actual amount you receive will depend on your income and your childcare costs.
    In order for this extra support you would need to fit the following criteria:

    Single parents must work 16 hours or more per week to be eligible for the credit or if you are part of a couple, both you and your partner need to be in paid employment of 16 or more hours a week. However, you will also be eligible if one of you works 16 or more hours per week and the other does not work, but is in hospital, in prison, entitled to Carer’s Allowance or incapacitated for childcare purposes. To find out if you might be eligible, visit the gov.uk website, which has a calculator.

    https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/childcare-tax-credits (09/07/2014)

    Do you DBS check teachers and other members of staff?

    We use safe recruitment practices to ensure that all people working with children in our care are safe and qualified to do so. All our dedicated and qualified staff holds a satisfactory enhanced DBS check in accordance with Ofsted regulations.

    When do I need to pay?

    Payments are to be made on a weekly basis and the preferred mode of payment is via a standing order setup with your bank. There is no reduction in fees for absence due to holidays or sickness.

    Receipts are prepared monthly for payments received and will be available to collect from the office at the beginning of each month.

    Can I see your policies?

    All our policies are available for viewing at the Raising Explorers Office. These can be made available to view at a time to suit you; all we ask is that you let us know you wish to see them prior to dropping in, so that you do not endure any unnecessary waiting for someone to assist you.

    What happens if my child was to become ill whilst at the club?

    We have all your contact details including those of your family doctor and full information of any medical condition that they may have. If your child becomes ill we would make contact using the information provided on your registration form and ask for them to be collected. There will always be a first aider on the premises.

    What happens if I am running late to collect my child?

    Please inform us as soon as you can if you are running late.

    If you are going to arrive later than our closing time we will need to keep 2 members of staff onsite until all children have been collected. If we know you are going to be late we can make an arrangement with our staff team and ensure your child knows that you will be arriving late. We do impose a late payment fee. By law, if we have not heard from any of the registered contacts within 30 minutes of the club finishing we have to contact social services in order to ensure that your child will be safe and looked after.

    Pick up Service

    As part of our childcare service, we provide transport for children to be collected from their schools and dropped off at the Raising Explorers centre.

    This service is provided by Raising Explorers and one of our trusted partners, a reputable local taxi firm. All transport vehicles are fully insured and the drivers hold an enhanced DBS check. We put passwords and checks in place to ensure the safety of your child is put first always.

    Hot Meals

    Here at Raising Explorers we believe that it is essential that all meals children have are well balanced and packed with nutrients so that they have adequate energy levels until their next meal time.

    Taking this into consideration we believe that it is fundamental for children to be provided with healthy and nutritional hot food during their time at the club.

    Children are also provided with balanced nutritional snacks which include fresh fruit, toast and fruit juice and fresh drinking water is available at all times. Individual dietary requirements and parental preferences are met wherever possible.

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