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  • Raising Explorers offer academic support with our supplementary classes, providing tuition specialising in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. We provide support for children and young people from Key Stage 1 all the way through to Key Stage 4.

    We have intensive SAT’s classes as well as GCSE preparation classes so that the children are well equipped. We pride ourselves on having a wealth of educational knowledge and we work incredibly hard to make sure your child is able to meet their educational challenges.

    Here at Raising Explorers we encourage children and young people to achieve their potential in a supportive and friendly environment. We use our own carefully planned presentations, our own entry level tests and a variety of resources to make sure your child has a stimulating session. We firstly assess your child to measure their strengths and weaknesses in order to help them in the areas they require improvements in and then progress them to the next level in those topics which they already understand.

    We make sure that topics are tailored specific to their needs in skills and knowledge and although your child will be part of a group, their work will be tailored to suit their individual needs. We pride ourselves on ability based learning over age, this allows a child to fast track where they should be.

    Parental involvement is encouraged; Parent’s are given the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress and go through any concerns that they may have with the Weekend Manager. The Weekend Manager will book a subsequent meeting with the teachers together with the parent in order to discuss the progress and any concerns with the relevant teacher/s.

    Raising Explorers success has largely been down to our effective teaching methods and the close relationship the staff build with our students and parents.

    At Raising Explorers our people are our most valuable asset; it takes a special kind of person to join the Raising Explorers team of teachers. All our teachers have the relevant qualifications and skills required to undertake teaching at our centre, coupled with years of teaching experience. However, when selecting teachers we look beyond that, we select teachers who share our values and commitments to our students. When we say our teachers are exciting, passionate, have the ability to inspire and motivate, we mean it!

    One of the highlights for Raising Explorers was the partnership work we won with the University of Bradford (UOB) and the Bradford Achievement Forum (BAF) in 2014/2015. Our work has been recognised by others and not gone unnoticed in the community hence why we were asked to tutor an additional 50 GCSE students from schools all over Bradford in order to help them obtain Grade’s A – C. This project was a success but unfortunately due to funding this contract has now ended.

    The importance of Mathematics in the modern world is reflected through the high status the subject holds in schools. Mathematics is a very stimulating and challenging subject which continues to develop at a fast speed across many research areas.

    Previously it may have been possible to be successful with minimal maths ability, but today professional are required to be have good mathematic proficiencies. Even with advances in technology particularly paying attention to computers, knowledge of maths is still of huge importance and absolutely necessary in order to identify problems, analyse data and determine solutions.

    All our mathematics lessons delivered are done so with a real passion and with a huge emphasis placed on student catered learning; this strategy allows for a much more lively mathematics lessons to be delivered. Students partake in weekly lessons which have a high emphasis on numbers, its real life application and understanding the language of maths.

    At Raising Explorers we want your child to have the best education they can and mathematics is a fundamental part of that. As mentioned above Mathematics is essential for everyday life and understanding our world.

    Mathematics is significant in our lives because we can use the knowledge gained in our daily day-to-day activities. Taking a real world problem and creating and applying mathematical models to aid understanding is often hugely satisfying and rewarding.

    Studies show that many students do not fulfil their potential, including many of the most able. Those who fall behind in their learning or who get off to a poor mathematical start never catch up.
    It is for this reason that we offer this core subject and are very passionate to see our students succeed.

    Students receive ongoing assessments to identify any gaps that they may have in their learning and measure their progress. Those students who require additional help receive timely interventions and for those whom are gifted and talented they are provided with additional more challenging material as they grow their independent learning skills.

    We aim to develop the children as independent thinkers in maths, so not only can they use the mathematical knowledge and understanding taught in the lesson, but they can also transfer their skills and knowledge to other contexts.

    In this day and age with so many technological advances and the intensely competitive environment that we find ourselves in, it is more important than ever to be good at working with numbers.

    Science is a core part of the National curriculum.

    The students enrolled onto the Raising Explorers science weekend supplementary class have the opportunity to engage with science in a fun, innovative way that will instil positive attitudes and improve how well they do in their science exam subjects at school.

    The study of Science gives students an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and information which in turn assists to aid their understanding of ‘how’ and ‘why’ things work the way they do.
    Science can be used to explain the mechanics and also the reasons behind the daily functioning of an array of differing complex system, ranging from the human body to the state of the art modern modes of transport like jumbo jets.

    Many of our students find the subject inspiring and interesting; it is the thought provoking element of this unique subject matter that makes them feel this way. The topic of Science instils a sense of intrigue and allows students to develop a better understanding and form questions based both on the knowledge they already have acquired and the insight they wish to gain in the future.
    Students who excel in science classes are likely to develop a strong ability to think critically.

    Science provides the opportunities for students to develop the key skills in a variety of areas:

    Team Working

    • Working with others, through carrying out scientific experiments/investigations.


    • Ability to ask questions (building confidence).
    • Debate issues through the means of written, oral and visual presentation.


    • Estimating and counting, measuring, graphing (communicate findings in meaningful ways).
    • Collecting data and analysing findings.

    Problem Solving

    • By the means of finding ways to answer scientific questions with creative solutions and application of material learnt.

    Independent Learning

    • Improving own learning and performance, through reflecting on what they have done and evaluating what they have achieved.

    At Raising Explorers we also aim to ensure that our students are aware of Science outside of the classroom environment by discussing news stories and historical breakthroughs.

    The value of learning English can easily be weighed against the statement that English is the most common language spoken across the world. English is the language used in the majority of communications whatever the medium being used may be.

    Due to this, English has an incomparable place in both education and in society.

    At Raising Explorers we are passionate about English and we promote students to have a love of reading and writing. Additionally, our aims for the English subject area are the same as those shared by the government as drawn up in the national curriculum.

    • Our objective is to ensure that every student at Raising Explorers can read easily, fluently and with a good understanding of the material read.
    • Help our students obtain a broad vocabulary, an understanding of grammar of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken knowledge.
    • Write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.
    • We encourage our students to use discussions in order to learn paying particular attention that they are able to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas.


    We focus strongly on children learning to read because competent readers use a vast range of approaches and skills flexibly. The confidence gained from being a good reader not only has a positive effect on other curriculum areas, but it also allows the child to form his/her own unique personality through developing their imagination and creativity.

    Additionally, living in a society where we are constantly fed rapid images from both television and computer, reading provides the child with a pause button for comprehension and insight, thus improving students’ concentration and memory.

    At Raising Explorers we have a large variety of reading materials to keep the students thoroughly intrigued and engaged. Thus allowing them to capture a language at the highest level and one which will be used wherever they end up in the world.

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