Activities and Holidays

  • At Raising Explorers we have a variety of activities planned which provide opportunities both for the physical and mental development of children attending the centre. We have a range of activities for them to participate and feel stimulated daily. We have lots of activities which are supervised and supported by our staff who are very enthusiastic towards the activities we offer.

    Our afterschool club services include daily drop in Childcare with fun activities and games planned, Academic Intervention and Tuition, Homework Support, Religious Education (Islamic) and full time extended hours Holiday Play Scheme. We try to meet every reasonable wants and needs a parent has for their child.

    Fun & Games

    We believe it is important in getting the right balance between study and play. Here at the centre we have a fully equipped games room which hosts a number of gaming tables including a pool table, table football and also table tennis.

    Playing games is an important activity for a child’s social and mental development. There are many things that are taught whilst a child is engaged in playing games. Our playroom is stocked with a variety of board games which are aimed at different age groups. Playing board games can sometimes  be seen only as a fun activity without realising the additional learning benefit, but we can assure you from our experience that this is far from the truth. We have noticed that a ton of learning takes place.

    Games teach:

    • Listening skills – In order to know how the game is played children need to be able to follow the rules, they need to listen when they are explained.
    • Verbal skills – It is hard to play a game without talking and interacting with others (especially in the case of a child).
    • Math skills – Counting how many spaces to move forward or backwards.
    • Social skills – Children learn to take turns and wait patiently until their turn. Being a part of a group helps in their social development. They learn to compromise “okay this time you can have the red piece, but next time I will.” Games can also serve as a bonding activity.
    • Being a good sport – How to be supportive of other players and accept losses graciously.
    • Reading – Some games have words that children must read.
    • Fine and gross motor skills – Games have small pieces that children must manipulate.

    Arts & Crafts

    At our centre it’s not just the kids that want to get involved with arts and crafts, we are lucky to have a great deal of staff whom all enjoy and also excel at these type of  activities. This passion and enthusiasm is transmitted to the children to inspire and give them creativity.

    Raising Explorers - Arts & CraftsWe have experienced firsthand that these types of activities really go a long way in improving a child’s eye to hand coordination and also attention to detail can also show significant improvements.

    We provide the children a range of arts and crafts materials for children to get creative. The children enjoy making and inventing pieces of work from the resources and equipment we make available. Our activities include drawing, colouring, painting, sketching, collage, sculpting, junk modelling and clay modelling.

    Trips & Outings

    Throughout their time at Raising Explorers, children enjoy the opportunity to go on outings. We are keen to organise regular trips for the children in our care. The trips organised include visits to local parks, libraries, museums, play centres, zoos and nature reserves and also historical places of importance both within our local area and further afield.

    Raising Explorers - Trips & OutingsWherever possible and of course weather permitting we encourage walking to local trips as we see this as a way of physical development for the children.

    In the holidays we have a more fun packed timetable, where we include an exciting range of activities and trips to theme parks and sports centres. We aim to have at least one outing every week  during the school holidays to rewards the children for all their hard work.

    The children access these trips via walking, taxi’s, public transport or private hired coaches.

    Parents and carers are required to sign our consent forms on registration in order to allow their child to be taken out of the building.

    • We carry out risk assessments for all trips.
    • We always give parents and carer prior notice about outings as soon as possible.
    • We take all children’s emergency contact details and relevant medical information.
    • We take a mobile phone and travelling first aid kit on all trips.
    • We usually have a minimum of two staff members accompanying up to eight children, this is depending on the trip and the ages of children that day.

    For further information please call our office on 01274 493034.

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