• Here at Raising Explorers our primary focus is on delivering our core service of quality afterschool childcare at the highest level. As part of the afterschool childcare service parents get access to for their child, our children also gain access to 5 key additional services that we have embedded into our weekly timetable here at the centre.

    • 7 days a week childcare drop in service whereby parents can throughout the weekday or weekend should they have that need, just turn up to access the fun childcare service for their child.
    • Academic Tuition on Saturdays for key stages 1,2,3 and 4 in Maths, English and Science, taught by dedicated and experienced qualified school teachers.
    • Homework support room service 7 days a week with a qualified teacher or tutor. If and when a child needs any help or support, they have the dedicated quite room to complete it.
    • Religious Education – For those parents needing Islamic and Arabic Madrassah for their child, then we offer Islamically and academically qualified staff who teach class room format learning for your child just as they would be taught at school through the week.  We also offer a alternative Sunday Arabic School for those who do not wish to send their child during the school week.
    • Holiday Play Scheme – Every school holiday we extend our opening hours for our parents so they can get to work without any concerns.  We open early as 8.30am each morning providing lots of fun childcare, trips and planned activities throughout these weeks.  We close at 7pm allowing you plenty of time to collect your child.

    childplayingWe cater for mainly working parents who require a nurturing fun space to leave their children, where they will not only be kept safe and well looked after but also the right environment where they can flourish and learn to reach their potential.

    Prior to us opening the Raising Explorers doors in October 2012 we carried out extensive reading and research on various areas relating to childcare, education and conducted questionnaires from parents. It became apparent to us that we had a clear shortage of good afterschool childcare provisions in the city and that needed resolving. Our research showed us that children were growing up with clear struggles in their lives due to a lack of nurturing support in education and access to high quality afterschool care that met the needs of their community.

    Additionally we learned that the most common time periods in which parents required childcare was at the end of the working day between 3pm and 6pm (we had already anticipated this to be the case), but what we found intriguing was that a lot of the parents interviewed found that childcare was not available at these times.

    Raising ExplorersOur sole vision is to raise the standards of learning for children out of school and allow it to be done in a quality led, fun and safe environment. We are conscious that trust in the carer is a big factor when parents are considering which centre to send their children to. The majority of our new registrations are from referrals from existing families already using our centre, we feel this speaks volumes and we are very proud of the close bonds we form with families and specifically children attending our centre.

    Every parents childcare needs vary and at Raising Explorers we try our best to accommodate and tailor our service around those needs. We endeavour to provide high quality flexible childcare to meet the varying needs and commitments of each  parent and child.

    We understand that the vast majority of parents require childcare services purely for economic reasons, usually to work or to study. Raising Explorers breaks this trend by providing such a wide range of additional services that all parents will want to take advantage of.

    Here at Raising Explorers we provide the opportunity for parents to choose what they would like their child to be actively engaged in whilst they are here at the centre. We have a huge emphasis on the educational and character development of children attending Raising Explorers.

    Parents/guardians are given choices as to the activities their child can partakes in, which ranges from arts and crafts, use of a fully equipped games room, use of the ICT suite, homework support room, Religious Education (Islamic studies) and academic classes and so on.  All activities are fully supervised with the relevant qualified staff members.

    In an ever changing competitive world,  it is more important than ever for parents to equip their child so they are academically and socially educated and prepared for a modern world.

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