Homework Support

  • Doing homework requires a quite space to work and also teacher support. We offer a place for your child to work in a supportive environment out of school hours with a qualified teacher and tutors.

    We have designated certain staff members with this duty who have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to aid homework set by schools.  Our dedicated team don’t do the child’s work for them but are there to monitor, supervise and oversee the homework process and completion.

    We provide access to computer facilities and a printer if necessary. We believe one-to-one help goes a long way in encouraging non confident children to persist academically and achieve their potential.

    During these sessions we are able to also complement our weekend tuition service by working on those weaker areas your child struggles with. Alternatively those parents wanting to push their child that little bit further, can request their school to provide additional work and our tutors are happy to work through it with your child.

    Is homework a good thing or a bad thing?
    Should we really be pushing our child beyond what they are already doing in school hours?  
    Does pushing my child make me a bad parent or a caring parent?

    These are the type of questions  most parents ask themselves over and over again. The honest is answer to this is that too much of anything is not good for you and it is about getting a balance.  Just like we as adults need to prepare for exams, do work training courses and eat healthy in order to succeed in life and achieve positive results, homework can be seen in a similar manner.  Although there are many arguments against the concept of homework since your child is sent to school three quarters of the day, the fact remains that almost every high achieving school expects their child to do a few hours of homework weekly if not daily.

    Some children need motivating to get work completed on an evening but the majority of the time they just need your encouragement and support.  Overly pushing your child can over burden them and stress them out causing anxiety and have a negative impact on their overall wellbeing.

    In principle homework allows your child to catch up on topics of weakness and strengthens their overall knowledge on topics which as a result prepares them for exams as they get older.

    Rewarding your child and encouraging breaks will show you understand them and are a supportive parent. Guiding them to understand the value of a good education is our advice to parents and allowing them to have fun treats for hard work on weekends.

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