Religious Education

  • Due to our local demographics and being in a highly populated Muslim area, our survey results came back with a huge need and want for us at Raising Explorers to establish a class room based learning environment for Muslim children.

    As part of our day to day services, those parents needing Islamic and Arabic Madrassah for their child can opt to have this built in with their childcare. We offer Islamically and academically qualified staff who teach class room format learning for your child, just as they would be taught at school through the week. We also offer an alternative Sunday Arabic School for those who do not wish to send their child during the school week.

    Weekday Madrassah

    At Raising Explorers we have identified the need to teach British Muslim children the Qur’an and Sunnah through interactive western methods. Using experienced and qualified staff allows us to make use of different teaching styles, reinforce learning through presentations, role plays, worksheets, online resources, videos, Q&A and fun. Islam is a way of life and children need to be taught how to be a positive Muslims in society, how to respect others and stay true to the values of their faith.

    Each year we review our Madrassah system and invest heavily on improving teaching methods and curriculum. We bring in outside consultants to train our teachers, review our teaching methods and guide us on any areas of improvements. We select teachers through a vigorous recruitment process and ensure they all meet the minimum desired qualification. We bring in our own in house training and each teacher before being selected us asked to prove their teaching skills to be assessed in a class room.

    As parents you can keep an eye on your child’s progress daily or weekly by reviewing the trackers we put in place for each child. Children’s class room sizes usually consist of a maximum of 20 children and there is normally two teaching assistants alongside the teacher placed in each room thus allowing a 1 to 7 ratio on average.

    As a centre we promote unity and respect, staying away from differences in groups.

  • Some of the topics that we cover:

    Qaida Reading with Tajweed
    Qur’an Reading with Tajweed
    Hifz/memorisation of Surah’s
    Seerah – Life of the Prophets
    Qur’an Translation
    Arabic Language
    Islamic Studies
    Islamic Assembly
    Application of deen into dunya
    Character building
    Respecting your parents
    Making Wudu
    How to pray Salah and the different types
    Duas and Kaalimah’s
    Allah swt’s 99 names
    Halal Fun

    We try to ensure no child leaves the centre without being prepared for every situation in life and knows how to apply their deen.

  • Sunday Arabic School

    The Sunday Arabic school is a one day version of what is taught through the week and can be seen as a top up for children going to another madrassah or as a one day alternative. The one day version is less intensive and runs at a slower rate to the weekday madrassah service above mainly due to it being less days and hours overall.

    • I was reluctant to send my children to a typical madrassah system as I had so many fears. When I saw how this system is similar to schooling and with such friendly staff my fears were overturned. My son and daughter are now so happy and look forward to going the next day. They come home having learnt so much that I am forever in gratitude to Raising Explorers.

      Aisha Aslam

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