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  • Building long term partnerships that make a lasting difference. We work very closely with other schools, charities, educational institutions and community organisations.

    In 2015 we won a contract with the University Of Bradford (UOB) and the Bradford Achievement Forum (BAF) to support 50 borderline A to C GCSE students across the district to ensure they achieved or improved on the grades they were predicted. Thus allowing the students to start off with a solid foundation in Maths, English and Science.

    12033115_697465177021501_4024796156458256887_nWorking closely with many charities has enabled the children to make a significant difference to their own community and also to those further outside of their geographic area. Recent events have included a charity bazaar to raise money for the NSPCC and more recently a 12 hour trek up the Yorkshires 3 peaks, to Raise money for Charity Right who support vulnerable children around the world.   

    These partnerships with charities allows us to  raise awareness of the most vulnerable people in our community and internationally.  Our staff, students, parents and the wider local community, come together to help raise funds for the charities through a combination of activities through the centre. We want the children to feel how fundraising and helping others really give you a sense of gratitude for what we have in life and keeps you humble.

    Raising Explorers also works closely with local newspapers to share the exciting events at the centre with the wider community.  Keep an eye out for us in your local paper and see the what the children have been up to.

    We believe in the services our partners provide to support us in raising standards and making excellence a habit. We are proud to be associated with all our partners, and feel the development of a successful business is working together as a team.


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