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We want to raise the next generation of young adults with a personality that wants to explore and keep exploring until they reach their own potential in whatever they seek to do in life and most of all enjoy doing. We believe every child is an explorer and we want to help bring out that explorer from within.

We want to raise the next generation of young adults with a personality that wants to explore and keep exploring until they reach their own potential in whatever they seek to do in life and most of all enjoy doing.  We believe every child is an explorer and we want to help bring out that explorer from within.

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What does Ofsted say about Raising Explorers

Raising Explorers is a very lovely and warm place to visit, the children are very happy and well entertained
- Elaine McDonnell

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Parent Testimonials

This is an amazing centre. Managed and staffed by people who are understanding, caring, empathic and very supportive of children and their families. This is a nurturing environment where children develop and grow in strength. Moving them towards achieving goals and aspirations. Each child is treated uniquely and staff will go the extra mile to ensure everyone is treated with kindness and respect. Definitely a wonderful place where your child will be happy and thrive.
Aafza Mirza
Raising Explorers just as the name suggests is a wonderful place for our children to grow, learn and succeed in life. Not only does it cater for children’s needs but also provide a sense of belonging and community for the parents and adults alike. Their quality of service is excellent all round, from the equipment and programs they provide, to offering a helping hand to one and all. No better definition than a Home away from Home. Keep up the good work Team RE 👍😊.
Shazmin Kassam
This has to be without a shadow of doubt the best place for my kids. Environment is amazing for children to learn and interact with each other and the staff and management team are outstanding. I would highly recommend this place to any parent.
Aamena Hussain
A safe and friendly educational and fun service which I have been a part of for almost 3 years. It is sensitive to the needs of the community. As a single parent, it has been an essential after school service so I can continue to work with a peace of mind that my children are being taken care of to a high standard. Keep up the good work.
Hajra Ahmed
A brilliant setting for children of all ages. The staff are warm, welcoming and accommodating. The centre is well equipped throughout and provides a variety of activities for children to get involved in on a daily basis. The staff at RE work hard at providing educational play and structured learning activities to help develop & nurture children. There are also lots of creative activities, trips and visits organised during the holidays. I would highly recommend RE to any parent.
Mahmoona B
The service is geared around filling a gap in the lives of working people who need a childcare centre that provides multiple services in one setting. This is what makes them unique and the best place for any child needing after school care.
Tanveer Qamar
An incredible, very well established and professional centre of excellence. Raising Explorers is a well established, well organised centre which I would definitely recommend to all parents for their children.
Khurm Mehzar
Both my children have been attending Raising Explorers for the past 18 months. I have noticed a huge difference in both of them. The academic support has helped them tremendously. Staff are approachable and always eager to resolve any issues (if any!). The hours suit working parents, it is Ofsted registered and there is plenty going on through the holidays to keep the children entertained. The whole RE’s team are awesome, keep it up guys
Shahida Hussain
I joined Raising Explorers about 18 Months ago but I have to say that this is the best environment to be in. Because when I started Raising Explorers I was on Grade “U” and now I am achieving a Grade “9” thanks to the RE team.
Adil Hussain
Raising Explorers is the best childcare centre. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Raising Explorers is a warm, welcoming and friendly environment for all children. The staff are amazing. JazakAllah Khair to Abu Mustafa and Shepa for your support.
Sameena Bi Ali
Raising Explorers is Ofsted registered which shows it must be unique in its approach to delivering excellent services whilst maintaining the children's welfare. Top notch Islamic studies, fantastic child care provision and holiday club. My daughter has been attending almost over a year and she has excelled in her Arabic reading and learning. I have seen a massive improvement in her confidence and ability to work on her own initiative. May Allah reward you for all your hard work and keep you steadfast in the coming. Amazing staff all around. Jazakallah.
Nussrat Iqbal
Amazing place! My son has been attending for a while now and loves it. The staff are so friendly and interact well with the children. There’s a range of activities and fun stuff to do and my son happily goes every day. Lovely Islamic atmosphere with a great balance between deen and dunya. My son has a smile on his face when he enters and leaves. This is reassuring for me as a parent to know my son is happy, safe and enjoying himself. I would highly recommend this place. Keep up the good work.
Everything about Raising Explorers is excellent and I would truly recommend it to families out there who are looking for tuition for their child and after school childcare club.
Nadia Ilyas
Absolutely amazing provision. The management and staff are fantastic from the way they support children as well as parents. Raising Explorers have provided invaluable support to my daughters and myself. I can never thank them enough. I pray that Allah grants the staff and management great ease and success in their lives for doing a wonderful job for our children. Ameen.
Faeezah Mansur
An excellent and innovative centre providing a high quality service to the community. The needs and development of the children are the heart and ethos of Raising Explorers. Would definitely recommend this place for your children.
Ansa Tariq
Not sure where to start! Alhamdulillah my prayers have been answered. Raising Explorers is exactly what me and my husband were looking for. We registered our son today and we are super excited for him. Aweis really has put his all in this place and we pray that the institute grows stronger.
Aysha Ibrahim
Truly a pioneering place of great inspiration for children as well as adults. The staff are so accommodating and their compassion echoes throughout the work they conduct and how they cater for the individual needs of each child and parent. I cannot recommend this establishment enough. Keep up the fantastic work.
Tanzeela Javed
Absolutely wonderful establishment. I have visited a few times and the staff are so friendly and great with children. It is great to see something like this available as in my days there was nothing. The kids will truly benefit and parents by sending them there. It is a gem in the community and had I been living within the vicinity I would definitely send my kids.
Ahmed Kafeel
Today was my daughters first day at Raising Explorers, they loved it! Even though they were there for 4 hours, they said it flew by. The teachers have a very child friendly approach and make learning fun, so it's not your typical madrasah environment, it is much more interactive and student focused. Thank you Raising Explorers! Wish I found out about you sooner.
Fozia Ahmed
I love this place, the first place I only feel comfortable with outside of my home. Staff are great, very helpful, caring and we all trust this place. I can't thank Abu, and Ishy and co enough for all their efforts. A rare gem in the heart of our community.
Shifa Zia
Could not recommend Raising Explorers anymore - it is a homely childcare provider. My children love the staff, love the holiday activities, and as a parent I know they are in the best of hands for childcare and their studies.
Sofia Ashraf
Very professionally run, warm and welcoming right from the minute you enter. My kids absolutely love the place and Abu Mustafa is their favourite person. Bless the team at Raising Explorers. Keep up the good work guys.
Harjit Sanghera
My daughter loves the centre. The staff are brilliant and always on hand with any issues I have raised in the past. They have dealt with them in a polite and efficient manner. Well done Raising Explorers, keep up the good work.
Fatima Bibi
Nothing less than Exceptional education and care from Raising Explorers. The Staff are absolutely amazing and put our minds at ease especially with the childcare provisions and care they provide. My sons have learnt so much more. Ma Sha Allah keep up the amazing work.
Ambreen Kauser
My daughter enjoys her time at Raising Explorers. She enjoys English, Math and Science lessons on Saturdays and loves her Arabic, Urdu and Islamic Studies on Sundays. Keep up with your hard word Raising Explorers, you're doing a brilliant job. Thank you.
Sadia Noor
My daughters have been attending nearly a year now, they settled in well, always eager to attend and learn. The teachers are great, and the staff are brilliant, always there to help. My daughters have made good progress in their studies, Quran with Tajweed, Surah's and Arabic. The activities set during school holidays are great! Educational, challenging and fun. Thank you for all your support - Maryam, Shepa, Ishtiaq and Abu Mustafa.
Rozeena Rahman
I love this place and have been coming here for years. I would highly recommend this place to all children as the staff are friendly and very helpful.
Saif Asif
Love Raising Explorers, the place, the staff and most importantly love the activities they hold for children. I’ve recommended this place to my family and friends and hope the organisation gets recognised for the amazing work they provide. #goteamexplorers
Habiba B Naib
Brilliant place in providing educational learning for children. Everything is very efficiently and professionally managed. Raising Explorers team is excellent in all they do. Well done and keep up the great work!
Shakeela Khaliq
I have visited the centre more than once and Alhamdullilah you only have to walk through the front door to feel the love and passion they put towards the children. Cannot rate it enough. Fantastic institute. May we have many more so we can spread the love IA.
Shameela Bhayat

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