Anti-Bullying Policy

Raising Explorers is committed to providing an environment for children that is safe, welcoming and free from bullying (the persistent behaviour by any individual or group which intimidates/threatens or has a harmful or distressing impact on another individual or group). Bullying can be: Emotional, Physical, Racist, Verbal, Psychological, Sexual or Cyber (e.g. text messages). Bullying of any form is unacceptable at Raising Explorers.


Being deliberately unkind, shunning or excluding another person from a group or tormenting them. For example, forcing another person to be ‘left out’ of a game or activity, passing notes about others or making fun of another person.


Pushing, scratching, spitting, kicking, hitting, biting, taking or damaging belongings, tripping up, punching or using any other sort of violence against another person.


Name-calling, put-downs, ridiculing or using words to attack, threaten or insult. For example, spreading rumours or making fun of another person’s appearance.


Behaviour likely to instil a sense of fear or anxiety in another person.

Raising Explorers recognises that legitimate behaviour may include many of these facets, but when one or more parties becomes targeted on a frequent and recurrent basis the experience of those affected can be extremely negative. Despite all efforts to prevent it, bullying behaviour may occur on rare occasions and Raising Explorers will respond to all incidents thoroughly and sensitively.


This Policy was adopted by Raising Explorers on 1st April 2024

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