On the vibrant morning of June 20th, Raising Explorers After School Club hosted a spectacular Eid Funday! Exclusively invited were all Raising Explorers children from each of our branches, gathering for an unforgettable day filled with joy and excitement at the Carlisle Business Centre.

As our young adventurers arrived, they were greeted by a dazzling balloon arch, a gateway to a world of fun. Inside, the hall and outside area were meticulously decorated by our dedicated Raising Explorers staff, who transformed the space into a festive wonderland. Tables were laden with snacks, and the air buzzed with anticipation for the day’s festivities.

The centrepiece of our Funday was a trio of inflatable activities that promised endless entertainment. The children’s laughter echoed as they bounced with joy on the bouncy castle, soared down the bouncy slide, and battled it out in the gladiator duel, where two brave contestants faced off with giant inflatable sticks. Watching our children jump their hearts out was a sight to behold, and we hope they had as much fun bouncing away as we did planning this special day for them.

Adding a splash of colour to our fun day was a lively face painting studio. Our incredibly talented face painter worked their talent, transforming the kids into an array of imaginative and vibrant characters. From delicate, shimmering butterflies to fierce, roaring tigers, each design was a masterpiece of creativity. The children wore their new looks with pride, parading around with bright smiles and intricate face art.

The weather was absolutely perfect, with bright blue skies and a warm, radiant sun gracing our celebration. To keep cool, our children indulged in free ice cream from the ice cream van, a refreshing treat that was a hit after all the jumping and running around. Endless slushies were available for everyone to sip and savour under the summer sun.

Adding to the delight was our chocolate fountain with the choices of waffles to marshmallows to strawberries to all of them together! The ever-growing queue confirmed that our chocolate offerings were a major hit. Throughout the evening, delicious pizza slices were served to our tiny guests, while popcorn flowed freely and the candyfloss machine worked non-stop, ensuring every sweet tooth was satisfied.

To top it all off, our children locked in these special memories with an incredible 360 photoshoot. With funky glasses and costumes, they posed as the camera spun around, capturing their joy and excitement in a series of unique and fun videos.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our children for attending our Eid Funday. We hope you had a blast and enjoyed every moment of playing and eating to your heart’s content. A special thank you also goes out to our wonderful staff and everyone who helped create this memorable day. Your support and dedication are sincerely appreciated.

At Raising Explorers, our goal is to bring our community together and to nurture the next generation of Muslims. This Eid Funday was a beautiful reflection of that mission, and we look forward to many more joyous occasions together. Thank you, and Eid Mubarak to all!


Warm regards,

The Raising Explorers Team

For further information about Raising Explorers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our main office. You can contact us at 01274 493 034 or email us at funtolearn@raisingexplorers.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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