Behaviour Management Policy

Raising Explorers recognises the importance of positive and effective behaviour management strategies in promoting children’s welfare, learning and enjoyment.

The aims of our Behaviour Management Policy are to help children to:

Positive Behaviour

Raising Explorers appreciates the demand on staff members and children during the operational hours.


We aim to encourage appropriate behaviour through:

Fostering Positive Behaviour

During lessons, meetings are held:

Child–Staff Relationship

Behaviour Management Strategies

Raising Explorers staff will manage behaviour according to clear, consistent and positive strategies. Parents are encouraged to contribute to these strategies, raising any concerns or suggestions.

Behaviour Management in Raising Explorers will be structured around the following principles:

Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour

When confronted with negative behaviour, staff will be clear to distinguish between ‘disengaged’, ‘disruptive’ and ‘unacceptable’ behaviour.

‘Disengaged’ behaviour may indicate that a child is bored, unsettled or unhappy. With sensitive interventions, staff will often be able to re-engage a child in purposeful activity.

‘Disruptive’ behaviour describes behaviour which prevents other children from enjoying themselves. Staff will collectively discuss incidents and agree on the best way to deal with them.

‘Unacceptable’ behaviour refers to non-negotiable actions and may include discriminatory remarks, violence, bullying or destruction of equipment. Staff will be clear that consequences will follow from such behaviour, including in the first instance, temporarily removing a child from the activity session.

When an incident of inappropriate behaviour occurs, staff will listen to the child or children concerned and hear their reasons for their actions. Staff will then explain to the child or children what was unacceptable about their behaviour and that such actions have consequences for both themselves and for other people.

Staff will make every attempt to ensure that children understand what is being said to them. Children will always be given the opportunity to make amends for their behaviour and, if appropriate, be able to rejoin the activity. Consideration will be given to the child or young person’s individual needs. Every effort will be made to communicate in the most appropriate manner in order to assist in an improvement in behaviours.

Children who need help in order to behave in an appropriate manner will be given support and consistent strategies to address the matter. Staff will seek appropriate training in order to reflect upon the triggers and effects for some children who find some aspects of the classroom environment stressful.

Parents will be informed of inappropriate behaviour when picking up their child. The parent will be informed of the incident, how it was dealt with and how the child responded.

In the event that unacceptable behaviour persists, more serious actions may have to be taken, in accordance with the ‘Suspensions and Exclusions’ procedures (below). At all times, children will have explained to them the potential consequences of their actions.

It is recognised that an incident of unacceptable behaviour is a stressful situation for staff and children alike. However, staff will be aware that there is also a need to be mindful of confidentiality and will only discuss such incidents on a ‘benefit to know’ basis. Where causes of incidents suggest possible abuse, child protection procedures will be followed.

The Use of Physical Interventions

Physical intervention may be recognised as part of an individuals’ ‘Care Plan’ and training will be sought.

Staff will use physical interventions only as a last resort and only then if they have reasonable grounds for believing that immediate action is necessary to prevent a child from significantly injuring themselves or others or to prevent serious damage to property.

Before reaching this stage, staff will have used all possible non-physical actions, such as dialogue and diversion, to deal with the behaviour. The child or children concerned will be warned verbally that physical intervention will be used if they do not stop.

A dialogue will be maintained with the child or children at all times, so that the member of staff can explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. Staff will avoid the use of physical interventions if they are alone with the child or children. Only the minimum force necessary to prevent injury or damage should be applied. For example, diverting a child by leading them away by a hand or an arm around their shoulders.

Staff will use physical intervention as an act of care and control and never punishment. Physical interventions will not be used purely to force a child to do what they have been told and when there is no immediate risk to people or property.

As soon as it is safe, the physical intervention should be gradually relaxed to allow the child or children to regain self-control.

The force of the physical intervention will be always appropriate to the age, size and strength of the child or children involved.

If staff are not confident about their ability to contain a particular situation or type of behaviour, consideration will be given to calling their line manager first, and then the centre manager or, in extreme cases, the police.

Where a member of staff has had to intervene physically to restrain a child, the centre manager will be notified and the incident logged. The incident will be discussed with the parents at the earliest possible opportunity.

If a staff member commits any act of violence or abuse towards a child, parent or other member of staff at Raising Explorers, the disciplinary process will be implemented, according to Raising Explorers Staff Disciplinary Procedures.

Behaviour Management

Staff Training in Behaviour Management

Opportunities for staff to attend training on Behaviour Management are offered, wherever possible, designed to meet the specific needs of the staff and the children attending Raising Explorers.

Informing and Consulting Parents

Should an incident of inappropriate behaviour occur, the child’s parents are informed. The parent is informed about the incident, how it was dealt with and how the child responded. The parent is asked to read and sign incident logs wherever applicable. On request, a copy is given to the parent and a copy kept by Raising Explorers.

Open Communication and Co-operation between Staff and Parents

Should regular incidents of inappropriate behaviour occur, the parent and the child will be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the behaviours and how they could be rectified. Outcomes of the meeting will be discussed with the staff and any actions put into place.

Behaviour Management Plans, including Risk Assessments

Raising Explorers will risk assess behaviour wherever necessary and beneficial to do so.

Suspensions and Exclusions of Children

Persistent unacceptable behaviour from a child will result in the following:

Formal Warning

Staff members will explain to the child why their behaviour is unacceptable and the consequences of any further such incidents. Children will be encouraged to discuss their behaviour, to explain their actions, and helped to develop strategies to avoid repeat incidents. Details of all warnings, suspensions and exclusions will be recorded and kept on the child’s records. Each warning should be discussed with the child concerned and their parents, and wherever possible agreements made between all parties that are fair and reasonable to the situation. Such agreements can include removal of privileges e.g. participation in certain activities/off-site trips. Any agreements should reflect the circumstances and be appropriate to the individual concerned, as this can afford the child opportunity to display positive behaviour whilst serving as a motivator to reinforce such. Staff members will be made aware of any warnings given to a child, and the implications of any agreements made. Raising Explorers has the right to temporarily suspend; this includes informing a parent their child must be collected immediately, or permanently excluding a child in the event of persistent and irresolvable unacceptable behaviour.


Only in the event of an extremely serious or dangerous incident will a child be suspended from Raising Explorers with immediate effect. In such circumstances, the child’s parents will be contacted and may be asked to collect their child, even if the child normally signs themselves out. Children may not be allowed to leave the premises until a parent arrives to collect them.

After an immediate suspension has taken place, the centre manager will arrange a meeting with the child concerned and their parents to discuss the incident and decide if/when it will be possible for them to return to Raising Explorers.

Suspensions should be consistent, fair and proportionate to the behaviour concerned. In setting such a sanction, consideration is given to the child’s age and maturity. Any other relevant information about the child and their situation will also be considered. If appropriate, help and advice will be sought from concerned professionals in order to plan for the child’s return. Every effort will be made in order to support all and strategies necessary to promote a positive outcome. This may include seeking funding.

Staff members should always keep parents informed about behaviour management issues relating to their child and attempt to work with them to tackle the causes of disruptive or unacceptable behaviour.

No Staff members may impose a suspension from Raising Explorers without prior discussion with the centre manager. Staff members will consult the centre manager as early as possible if they believe that a child’s behaviour may warrant suspension or exclusion.

When a suspension is over and before a child is allowed to return to Raising Explorers, there will be a discussion between Staff members, the child and their parents, setting out the conditions of their return.


In an extreme situation whereby all strategies and other attempts to address persistent unacceptable behaviour have been unsuccessful, Raising Explorers has the right to permanently exclude a child. This right will only be exercised where absolutely necessary, but will be done so whereby the duty of care provided to other children and users of Raising Explorers is unduly compromised by irresolvable unacceptable behaviour.

This Policy was adopted by Raising Explorers on 1st April 2024

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