Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

If a parent has a complaint or a concern then they should start by requesting to speak with either our Head of Services or Centre Manager. The best time to initially speak with either manager about your complaint is when collecting your child from the centre. Whilst this is not the most appropriate time to have a private discussion, it gives parents an opportunity to raise any concerns briefly and then to arrange a suitable meeting date and time to discuss further, if necessary.

Stage 2

If this approach is not appropriate and the concern is about the staff member who is the Head of Education or Centre Manager, or the meeting fails to resolve the concern, the parent should then arrange to meet with a Senior Member of the Management Team, this person would usually be the other manager not involved with the meeting.

Stage 3

If this fails to resolve the concern or complaint, then it should be escalated with the Project Manager.

Parents can make an appointment via the office anytime. When the request for an appointment is made, the reception staff at the office will ask for some background information to allow the Project Manager to prepare for the meeting to ensure a successful outcome wherever possible.

Throughout the above stages, all members of staff with whom the concern has been discussed will keep a brief written record of any conversation or meetings with parents relating to specific concerns, so these can be referred to, if the need arises.

Stage 4 – Official Complaints Procedure – Informal Stage

If at the end of this process, the parent feels that the concern has still not been resolved to their satisfaction, they should consult the centre’s official Complaints Procedure (available from the office) and follow the steps outlined in the Informal Stage.

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