School Holiday Club & Activities

School Holiday Club & Activities

Ages: 5-15

Raising Explorers opens its doors every school holiday from 8.30am to 7.00pm to accommodate parents needing childcare for their children. We have a daily timetable planned with fun and action packed activities to keep children happy and engaged. Children get to enjoy a wide range of activities such as arts and crafts, baking, gaming rooms, a variety of sports, trips and much much more...

We want children to enjoy their time off school by providing both physical and mental stimulation whilst not hindering their creativity skills. All our fun activities are   supervised by experienced staff, who are energetic and show enthusiasm when working with children and delivering our activities.   

Service Hours
Monday -Friday
8.30am - 7.00pm

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is designed to provide a wholesome start to your child’s day. We offer a nutritious and balanced breakfast to fuel their bodies and minds for the adventures ahead.

At Raising Explorers, we believe in the power of learning through play. Our Breakfast Club is not just a place to eat; it’s a space where children engage in educational activities that set the tone for a day of exploration and discovery.

We prioritise health and wellness, instilling good habits from a young age. Our breakfast options are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy choices.

Our club fosters a sense of community, allowing children to build friendships and share the excitement of the day’s upcoming activities.

Fun & Games

We believe it is important in getting the right balance between study and play. Here at the centre we have a fully equipped games room which hosts a number of gaming tables including a professional pool table, table football, game consoles and also table tennis.


Playing games is an important activity for a child’s social and mental development. There are many things that are taught whilst a child is engaged in playing games. Our playroom is stocked with a variety of board games which are aimed at different age groups. Playing board games can sometimes be seen only as a fun activity without realising the additional learning benefit, but we can assure you from our experience that this is far from the truth. We have noticed that a ton of learning takes place.


Games teach:


Arts & Crafts

We encourage all our children to explore their creative flair and use their imagination in these types of activities. We want every child to have fun, express themself, work as a team and be supportive to one another in these creative activities. We have staff that are experienced in delivering great activities for all ages to enjoy. 


We provide the children with a wide range of arts and crafts materials and resources for children to get creative. The children really enjoy making things and making use of the resources and equipment we make available. Our activities include drawing, painting, colouring, spray painting, sketching, collage, sculpting, junk modelling and clay modelling.

Trips & Outings

Children really look forward to and enjoy the opportunity to go on outings. We organise regular trips for the children in our care. The trips organised include visits to local parks, libraries, museums, play centres, zoos and nature reserves and also historical places of importance both within our local area and further afield. Don’t worry parents, we also arrange trips annually to beaches, theme parks and activity parks for families to join us on. 


Wherever possible and of course weather permitting we encourage walking to local trips as we see this as a way of physical development for the children.


We aim to have at least one outing every week during the school holidays to reward the children for all their hard work through the year.

Children access these trips via walking, taxi’s, public transport or private hired coaches.

Parents and carers are required to sign our consent forms on registration in order to allow their child to be taken out of the building.

For further information please call our office on 01274 493 034.

Raising Explorers children can access 6 key services as part of our Out Of School Club that we have embedded into our weekly timetable here at the centre:

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