Raising Explorers which is one of the most popular After School Clubs of its kind in Bradford came up with a novel way of rewarding children for outstanding performance at the club.

Raising Explorers is a club which focuses on making out of school learning fun.
Children come to the club afterschool and get help with their homework, religious studies as well as fun activities. Raising Explorers has worked tirelessly in complementing the efforts of schools in improving the academic achievements of children by introducing a unique way to learning which complements school learning in a fun way while also promoting spiritual and moral development.




After the exceptional achievements of the children in both improving their Academic and Religious studies, Raising Explorers got in touch with a local Prestige Car Hire company to arrange a super surprise for their children.

The event was organised to congratulate children on their hard work and progress.

On a cold, wet and windy Friday all the children at the centre were in their classes as usual and it seemed to be another ordinary day, with some children in a buoyant mood as you would expect with the weekend in sight.




Then the children were distracted as in each of the differing classes a pupil was being ushered out, one at a time. The mood in each of the rooms changed, the expressions on the faces were one of eagerness; wanting to know what was going on? They were in for a huge surprise and treat.

One at a time each child was led out of the premises into the car park – what awaited them there, took their breath away. There was sheer delight and the children could not contain their excitement. They were face to face with a shiny looking red Ferrari and their very own chauffeur to take them for a ride in the super car.

The idea of giving the children a ride in a super car was brought to the fore to try and embed a message within them that: with sheer hard work and effort anything is possible and that you can also achieve anything that you may desire if you put your mind to it. As well as this it was to reward them for the amazing work and effort all the children did in raising funds recently for a children’s charity.




Istihaq Khan, childcare and progress manager at Raising Explorers, said:

It was a lovely opportunity for the children at the centre to celebrate their achievements in this memorable manner.
It was great for the students to be rewarded for their efforts as the ride in the Ferrari without a doubt acted as a great motivator. A big thank you to everyone including the children for all your efforts and to Evolution Motor Group for their cooperation in inspiring the children with their jaw dropping Ferrari.

Raising Explorers is based in an area of Bradford where our research showed that many parents struggle to balance work with childcare needs as there wasn’t any local adequate afterschool and weekend childcare available which takes their children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural values into consideration. The quality of any such childcare was either poor or simply non existent and didn’t meet the requirements of the parents and the children. Therefore since Raising Explorers was launched in 2012 such values have been integral to the life of the After School Club and we have now become one of the city’s most popular out of school childcare provisions.”




In our most recent inspection by Ofsted, the inspector described us as outstanding and exceeding Ofsted requirements for an Out of School Club
One father whose child attends the centre said that:

My wife is a fulltime carer for my eldest child and I’m a driving instructor. Previously it used to be a struggle to finish work pick up my child from school and then make the time to help him with his homework. We always felt guilty that due to the demands of working life and circumstances we were unable to give the right attentive care and help to our child when he came home from school. Now that he goes to Raising Explorers I am so relieved that he is getting the best support he can possibly get and our son loves going there. Raising Explorers offer so much value for money when it comes to childcare and that’s what I love about them.



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