Raising Explorers has worked hard to build many partnerships with different businesses, community organisations and charities. We are proud to announce our most recent partnership with the UK’s leading broadband provider Virgin Media. Virgin Media is a British telecommunication company, providing telephone, television and internet services in the UK.

Virgin Media made contact with Raising Explorers as the leading Childcare and Afterschool Service in Bradford.  Raising Explorers provides various services for parents and children 7 days a week. We are also a known trusted source that promotes home learning resources and community support services for parents and children via our website.  Virgin Media have put together a list of educational TV shows for children of all ages to watch and learn. This also includes structured lessons, practical advice and information on different educational apps that can be downloaded on phones or tablets for children to enjoy and learn at the same time. Parents can now easily find these useful and educational resources all on one page.

The link can be found on the Raising Explorers website www.raisingexplorers.co.uk under ‘Links to Support Home Learning’ or using the direct link below. Here you can find a range of many other great resources and games for children to access at home. Having this information will help parents as well as children to expand their knowledge and make learning more fun.

Links to Support Home Learning

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