Raising Explorers have been visited by Ofsted on three occasions in December 2012, October 2013, and November 2013.

We remember our first visit from Ofsted on Boxing day which was only a few months after we had opened. As soon as the Ofsted inspector turned up at our door unannounced, there was a slight nervousness in the air. This was not because we were not prepared or Ofsted ready but rather because this is it, this is what we have worked so tirelessly for and more surprisingly we had only been open for 4 months. All the regulation, all the preparation, all the lesson plans, absolutely everything we do and offer is going to be thoroughly looked at and scrutinised by this Ofsted inspector. So understandably this being our first Ofsted inspection it was going to make us slightly apprehensive. However, after 5 long hours and 5 cups of tea, the Ofsted Inspector told us that we exceeded the requirements of an Out Of School Club and can see that we offer much more than an average Out Of School Club with great facilities and structure in the way we operate. She commended our efforts and praised our work and our approach and stated she was pleased with what we had to offer to the children. The above was an extremely positive result for our team and for our parents to know their children are in safe hands.

Almost one year later, in October 2013, we had a cursory unannounced visit from an Ofsted Inspector. She spent approximately 1 hour with us checking our staff DBS’s, staff qualifications, risk assessments and premises. She left satisfied and impressed and informed us that we are due for another full inspection any time within the next 2 months.  She found no concerns and reaffirmed that once again we were performing exceptionally well.

Finally, we had our full inspection on the 12th of November 2013. Once again an unannounced visit at 4pm took place for a comprehensive inspection in which the inspector put everything we do and offer under the microscope. Some of the things he checked were our policies, procedures, fire drills, health and safety, certificates and more importantly the quality of the childcare and teaching we offer. This Ofsted visit was at peak time, so it was a bit of a challenge to manage all the children we had at the centre along with the Ofsted inspection taking place. But once again, we were told by the inspector that it is very rare for him to visit such a well equipped and unique After School Club which is meeting the needs and demands of both parents and children in such a unique and customised way.  He praised our efforts and encouraged us to continue our good work. What stood out to him the most was the level of detail and preparation time given to our documents to ensure we operate a smooth operation here at Raising Explorers. The Ofsted Inspector likened how we operate to a school but with a more calmer and peaceful environment. He also mentioned how well behaved all of our children are.

Raising Explorers would like to thank Ofsted for their time and support as we look forward to continuing to work closely with them in both the short and long term so we continue to meet and exceed their requirements.

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