Raising Explorers has been making waves on BBC Radio 4.  A programme entitled ‘Out of School’ follows the young life of ‘Mohammed’, a 13-year-old who has struggled to cope with the Education system.  He has been in and out of schools with behavioural issues and is now left lacking in any type of formal education.  However, where other schools have excluded him and refused to take him back, Raising Explorers has assisted Mohammed in getting back on his feet.

Although the situation is far from ideal, the programme shows how Raising Explorers has made various attempts not only to educate Mohammed, but also to coach, empower and motivate him towards a better future.

Mohammed’s struggle is far from over, but as mentioned in the show, Raising Explorers not only offers Mohammed a chance, but also offers support and advice to his parents and tailors a unique programme to get Mohammed back on track.

This highlights the amazing work that Raising Explorers does with families.  No matter the obstacles, Raising Explorers encourages aspirational thinking and empowerment, enabling youngsters to reach for the skies.

Raising Explorers believes that all children have immense potential and that can only be realised with “Time, care & nurturing….” – Abu Mustafa.

Raising Explorers is a unique establishment that encourages self-belief and enabling children, and sets is sights high.

Although the future is uncertain for Mohammed and children like him, Raising Explorers is trail-blazing the way for youngsters to not only survive against the odds, but to flourish, prosper and thrive unhindered.


This programme was originally aired on the 5th February 2018 and you can listen here.

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