Good quality care, as provided by Raising Explorers, not only benefits and supports busy parents, but research has shown that children benefit greatly also.  Studies have shown that children in centre-based childcare, like that provided by Raising Explorers, are better behaved and more cognitively advanced than their peers who stay at home with a parent or caregiver.

A recent study by a Paris University, of more than 1400 children, compared three groups.  Children who stayed at home, those who stayed with a care-giver and those in centre-based childcare.

Children in centre-based childcare were “less likely to have high levels of emotional symptoms, peer relationships problems, hyperactivity/inattention and conduct problems.”  Furthermore, they also “exhibited better cognitive, language and pre-academic skills than others”.

This study confirmed the findings of an earlier study from the US National Institutes of Health, which concluded that children in high-quality day care centres scored higher on academic measures and cognitive achievements, years later when they were older.

The studies summarised that high-quality childcare centres yielded the most progressive results.

“The evidence is clear that high quality, early childhood care is beneficial for children…”

  • Dr Jillian Roberts, Associate Professor at the University of Victoria – speaking to Global News.

Raising Explorers provides a range of interesting activities that promotes learning, peer interaction and fun, centre-based care.  The emphasis on education is matched by the pursuit of fun and inspiring activities, that engage, amuse and educate.  The centre is fully equipped for a whole host of activities.  All of which are fully supervised and supported by qualified staff.

These encouraging studies further prove the Raising Explorers ethos, one which it has long held.

“Raising Explorers sole vision is to raise the standards of learning for children….”  – Raising Explorers

Raising Explorers continues to provide an important service that is highly beneficial to all children, as well as parents, as it has done for many years.

Contact us today, to see how we can improve our children’s tomorrow.

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